Thursday, March 28, 2019

5 things for 3-28-19

1. Music.

2. Pianos. They are beautiful.

3. Colored socks. So much more fun than regular, and yes, I wear them mismatched! It's easier than matching socks regularly.

4. Our old sofa. I'm sure I'll have to get a new one eventually, but this sofa has seen many times of bedrest and stories.

5. Tutus. I still am amazed to look at my little girl! What a blessing! I sometimes still pinch myself that it's real, for I fully remember when we just had the two boys and I was happy and loved it, but my husband and I would talk about a girl. SO much fun to have that become a reality... especially after my first baby was born prematurely! I remember the days when I didn't know if I could have a baby, and now I have three to hold.

Thank you, Lord.

How about you? What five things are you thankful for?

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