Friday, January 11, 2019

happy birthday, boys!

It's a favorite day in our household!

Brayden and Jase's birthday!

Yep, Jase was born on Brayden's 2nd birthday. Seven years ago, I was at the hospital with B and five years ago, I was at home, wondering if we would get a double birthday. It wasn't until later in the day that I called my mom and said, "Could you take Brayden to go get a birthday treat? We have to go have a baby!" 

So happy birthday, Boys. I'm excited to celebrate you!

Oh and according to you, you don't officially change ages until you blow out your birthday candles. Who knew? ;-)

Birthday donuts:

Somebody else got donuts too, but she doesn't have mommy's sweet tooth like the boys do (although she thinks she does and definitely wanted a donut)... here she is frosting her donut with yogurt and not really eating either!!

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